Strategic Planning document

This document is the final product of both the 11 task forces and the steering committee's collective work over the past 18 months. Fairfield 2020: The Way Forward.


Letter to the Fairfield University Community

Read University President Jeffrey P. von Arx's charter for Fairfield 2020: Building a More Sustainable Future.


Fairfield 2020: Building a More Sustainable Future

In January 2014, University President Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J. called together the University community – students, faculty, administrators, staff, trustees, and alumni – to engage in a campus wide effort to refresh the University's Strategic Plan.

The community was asked to reflect on the challenges facing the world of higher education in our time, to develop recommendations on how Fairfield University can best position itself to embrace new opportunities afforded by marketplace demands and new technologies, and continue to serve as a model of Jesuit education for 21st century.

"Fairfield 2020: Building a More Sustainable Future" is a strategic plan refresh that builds on the foundation established by "Learning and Integrity: A Strategic Vision for Fairfield University," adopted in December 2005.

The goal of this website is to serve as a portal for the Strategic Refresh, providing a centralized location for the working teams to post and share their work, keep an ongoing record of the process as it unfolds, and provide access to materials that will stimulate the community-wide discussion and inform the planning process.

The President and the Steering Committee commissioned ten or more "Teams," each charged to examine an area of University programming or operations, and each charged to consider a set of challenges particular to those areas.

The teams are expected to make preliminary reports of their findings to the Steering Committee in May. After feedback and comments from the Steering Committee, the teams are expected to give their final reports to the Steering Committee in November of 2014.

A consolidated report from the Steering Committee is expected to be completed, and the plan implemented in Spring of 2015.